The Space Week celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing!

Lunar Module "The Eagle" before landing

In 2019 it is 50 years since the first moon landing. It is acknowledged a Jubilee space week, which will be a fantastic opportunity to highlight the importance of space for innovation, inspiration, science, industry, Environment, technology, research, knowledge, societal benefit, art and creativity.

Space Week (14-22 of September 2019) is a national event located in western Sweden – one of Sweden’s leading space regions with a prominent research and successful space industry and a common history with moon landing. The Apollo mission’s space cameras came from the company of Hasselblads in Gothenburg and the photographs from the Apollo program belong to the world’s most widely distributed images. They are ranked among the most influential photographs throughout history. The images changed not only the view of the moon, but perhaps above all the perception of the Earth

The purpose of Space Week is to draw attention to history, increase knowledge and inspire the future. The anniversary week will offer a programme aimed at different target groups; children, youths, adults and the elderly and include programme points for both a broad public and specialists. The idea is to create a program with a multitude of activities that together can include and attract multiple target groups around the theme.